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Review. Build. Engage.

At Penshee, our consulting services are designed to educate and to incite change. 

In line with our values, we are curious and set out to learn every day. So, when we consult with clients, we don't preach, we learn.


Only by fully understanding the current levels of service, the culture of service and the specific needs of our clients' unique customers, can we begin to create their service vision - and all of the collateral and training to support its existence.


Then we engage throughout the organisation through synchronous and asynchronous training, often using film to capture imagination.


Of course, we then want to prove that the vision is being lived through service experiences, and that's where we measure the project's success. 


Here's our simple and customisable model for any consulting project: 

Customer Service Consultancy



Workshops, surveys, team interviews and mystery audits, our review stage is all about understanding:

  • Existing service levels

  • Team attitudes towards hospitality

  • Expectations of guests/customers

  • Impact of Leadership

  • Potential


Building systems to support great service.


This starts with a service vision to encompass the entire project. It will be self-explanatory, aspirational and functional.

On this foundation we create tools such as infographics, media, SOPs and both online and classroom based learning modules.





Dynamic and engaging implementation of the newly created collateral, media and training materials. 

The bespoke nature of the review and build phases brings relevance and anticipation that brings the service vision to life.  



To monitor the progress of the project and ensure continous development, we measure the success at various stages with a full qualitative & quantitive review, including:


  • Mystery audits

  • Internal Audits

  • Follow-up interviews and surveys with employees, management and clients