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We have a team of agents who specialise in, and obsess about, customer service.

They are trained in ensuring that they understand, and blend into, your  work environment and do not draw attention as a potential mystery shopper.

We know that The Penshee Report model is unique and robust, but it would be meaningless without our brilliant team of agents.

An extensive relevant background in luxury operations, quality assurance or training is required for consideration for the role of our agents.


Beyond that, we undergo face to face interviews, training and mentoring to ensure that our agents have the essential self-awareness, attention to detail, lack of ego, flexibility, approachability and writing skills to create the quality of report that our clients entrust us to deliver.

The anonymity of our agents is vital to ensure that they experience a visit like any other of your guests would and provide a most accurate reflection of the visit. So, whilst we would love to share more details about our wonderful team, we will have to keep it to ourselves for now.

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