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Gain Unique Insights Into
Your Business.

70% of companies’ number one strategy is to improve their customer experience, but so few effectively measure it. The good news is, measuring customer experience is what we do, like no other company. 

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Anonymous visits to your business.  

Human-centric assessments. 

Quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Detailed and objective reports. 

Tools to help your team succeed


Our Report

Penshee Report Score
Penshee Report Info

We provide a bespoke and detailed report, access to our Client Portal, industry benchmarking and valuable insights from our specialist agents.


Our agents obsess about customer service, with backgrounds, competencies and experience that qualify them as experts. 

They are trained in ensuring that they understand, and blend into, your work

environment and do not draw attention as a potential mystery shopper.


The outcome is a report that gives a true and detailed reflection of the visit, and ultimately a measure of how your clients feel.

Our Pillars

All of our reports are built around our three pillars:

1. WHAT - This section comprises the ‘staples’ of the service experience. Here, we focus on compliance, in the form of timings, efficiency, product quality and cleanliness.

2. WHO - The Who refers to the demonstrated competencies that an individual has direct control over and could technically be assessed in the absence of a guest – their energy, presentation, professionalism, authenticity and approachability.

3. HOW - These are essentially the behaviours and competencies that come into greatest effect during the interaction with the guest. To excel in this pillar, the employee needs to demonstrate the highest levels of empathy, adaptability, attention and personalisation. 

Pillars of Success for Customer Service
Penshee Report Stats

Our Portal

Following the mystery audit, our clients can log-in to a dedicated portal, to gain access to:​

  • A detailed report on the last, and all previous, visits.


  • Graphical data highlighting how the scoring has changed over a customisable period.

  • Benchmarking against competitors in and outside of their industry.

  • Report analytics - behavioural pattern trends, highlights and opportunity analysis.

Our Pillar
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